Promoting core stability and movement efficiency.

Take control of your body with Clinical Pilates:

  • Provided by physiotherapists who have undergone specific training
  • Offered in conjunction with individualised musculoskeletal and postural evaluation
  • Aimed at improving muscular activity of the 'core'
  • Assists the correction of inefficient motor patterns
  • Works on motor learning strategies to recruit the deeper layer of stabilising muscles
  • Integrates the deep musculature systems with the peripheral muscles
  • Reinforce normal breathing patterns during exercise

Pilates is held at Whangarei Physiotherapy Services inside the Kensington Fitness Centre, Tuesday 8:45am, run by Wendy Langlands. and is suited for both men and woman regardless of age or ability.

In addition, Whangarei Physiotherapy Services have Therapist Julie Taylor, who underwent specialised Pilates training for clients that have a breast cancer diagnosis, and are learning how to care for Themselves. One on one sessions are available with Julie.

It is the policy of Whangarei Physiotherapy Services to at all times observe the Health and Information and Privacy Code and to observe client rights, see display at reception for more information. Clients may at any time have a chaperone and/or interpreter present if you so desire. For suggestions and complaints about our service please see our complaints procedure on display in reception.