At Whangarei Physio and Hand Therapy Clinic you are able to have a customised rehabilitation programme to help with your return to work, sport following a musculoskeletal injury/ arthritic, postural or neural problem. We also provide pre and post-surgery programs that will see your safely through the different stages of your recovery. Our experienced rehab therapists will provide a progressive individual programme designed to optimise your strength and range of motion. 

The therapist will take you through your programme one on one to ensure your technique and understanding of the exercise is optimal. 

Our programmes include components of flexibility, core stability and Pilates exercises as well as strength progressions and functional exercises. Advice will be given regarding timeframes to return to sport or activity. These programs are based on the latest clinical research. We can, if needed, also liaise with your GP/surgeon and or Occupational specialist to develop a best plan for your return to work/ sport.   Rachel Bean is our senior therapist running our rehabilitation programme.

Contact gym clinic for gym based exercise rehab programmes (09) 459 5000

For treatment of your sports injury see one of our physiotherapists at our Kamo or Gym Clinics.



✨Establish excellent communication channels with referrers & other involved Health personnel.

✨ Meticulous & timely reporting.

✨ Provide patients with a high level diagnostic skill as well as function specific & relevant rehabilitation program.

✨ One on one rehabilitation using extensive facilities at Kensington Fitness

✨ Patients are encouraged to use their membership at Kensington Fitness to develop independence in between sessions with their        physio.

✨ Excellent management of clients and their goals

✨ Excellent return to work stats and achievement of function and efficiency in movement.

✨ Physio's provide empathy, cultural awareness & ability to establish rapport with clients from all backgrounds.

✨ Clients are given education regarding the ongoing management of their rehabilitation and a plan to maintain and improve after            completion of their program.