Senior Therapist, Manipulative Therapist,
Rehabilitation Specialist, B Phys Ed (Otago ), Dip Physio Akld, Adv Dip Manip ( Akld)

Wendy is the preferred provider to the High Performance Sport NZ, she provides treatment and full muscle balance assessments to elite carded athletes. Wendy has been physio to Northland Hockey and continues to provide treatment and advice to Northlands up and coming athletes.

The increasing focus for elite athletes and particularly for junior developing athletes is on pre-screening via muscle balance assessment and movement competency screening after which an individualised programme is prescribed to improve performance or reduce injury risk. If you are or have an up and coming athlete see Wendy for a pre-screen biomechanical assessment and programme.

Wendy Langlands is also our trained Clinical Pilates Provider. Wendy takes private Pilates sessions as well as small group clinical Pilates groups at Kensington Gym. These sessions can be the perfect way to continue to maintain your body in addition to or on completion of your physiotherapy programme.

Wendy also provides rehabilitation programmes integrating a Clinical Pilates and rehabilitation approach at Kensington gym. Being a post graduate trained therapist Wendy treats all spinal and general musculoskeletal problems.